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Hope you all are excited for this part of the chapter! Would be a shame if I were to uh... go on a 2 week hiatus for the holidays.... ahaha... Which is actually what I am going to do. As I am queuing up these pages I realized that I will not have any downtime really to work on stuff like I normally do with the holidays and some other social plans I made ahead of time so I'm giving myself a chance to take a break so I don't break :D If you follow the patreon account I'll be posting some art goodies there for anyone who wants to follow, and if you are starved for content or want to know what's up with my life you can follow my Instagram account where I'm most active. (I'm also active on twitter but it's... what it is. Instagram is mostly where I'm at)

The comic will return to normal updates January 12th! :D

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